Why to Lease with us?


  1. RETURN : Check the prices we offer and note that are significantly higher than those obtained by long-term leases.
  2. HOUSING MAINTENANCE : Your home is at all times perfect condition . We all know the sorry state it is a home after five years of rent, which on many occasions forced the owner to make a major expense that seriously injured profitability of the lease.
  3. POSSESSION : Being short term leases , delivery of possession is done for short periods of time, so that the owner can have the house to check their status , or to use it to house a family member or friend who visit Palma de Mallorca or Ibiza.
  4. FLEXIBILITY : This system allows you to switch criterion when deemed necessary , may sell your home , dedicate it to other purposes or as he sees fit at the time, You are not ” tied ” to a multiyear contract.
  5. SAFETY: Our customers pay in advance and contracts are for a fixed period from the beginning. You know first hand through our emails or via our calendars , all bookings made on your property. You charge by any means agree in the early days of the contract.


  1. Advertise your property on our websites and in national and international websites dedicated to this type of lease.
  2. Advise in terms of decoration , furnishing and minimum requirements to be easily rented.
  3. Check-in/out and cleaning the house.
  4. Supply and cleaning of bedding and bath.
  5. Routine maintenance of housing.


  1. Pay the costs and consumption of housing.
  2. Be proactive in terms of decor and equipment of the apartment , as if this has appliances that make it pleasant stay will be easier to lease and therefore more profitable. Our experience shows that homes with a “touch” of affection , are much more ” rentable ” .

An attitude of this kind can convert housing rent something nice instead of a problem as in so many cases . ALL THIS COSTS YOU

  1. In principle nothing . We will advise and insert your property on our websites free of charge.
  2. In each rental, we charge a fee per booking. No fixed costs at all.

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